Understanding Security Implications of Using Containers in the Cloud

Container technology is being adopted as mainstream platform for IT solutions because of high degree of agility, reusability and portability it offers. It is well-suited for achieving faster release cycle through DevOps model. However, there are challenges to address for successful adoption. First, it is difficult to establish the full pedigree of images downloaded from public registries. Some might have vulnerabilities introduced unintentionally through rounds of updates by different users. Second, non-conformance to immutable software deployment policies, such as those promoted by DevOps principles, introduces vulnerabilities and loss of control over deployed software. In this study, we investigate containers deployed in a production cloud to derive a set of recommended approaches to address these challenges. Our analysis reveals evidence that (i), images of unresolved pedigree have introduced vulnerabilities to containers belonging to third parties; (ii), updates to live public containers are common, defying the tenet that deployed software is immutable; and (iii), scanning containers and images alone is insufficient to eradicate vulnerabilities from public containers. We advocate for better systems support for tracking image provenance and resolving undesired changes to containers, and propose practices that container users should adopt to limit the vulnerability of their containers.

By: Byungchul Tak, Canturk Isci, Sastry Duri, Nilton Bila, Shripad Nadgowda, James Doran

Published in: RC25651 in 2017


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