Submonolayers of Adsorbates on Stepped Co/Cu(100):} Switching of the Easy Axis

We report a striking sensitivity of the easy magnetization axis in epitaxial Co films upon adsorption of submonolayers of Cu, Ag, Fe, and O if the Cu substrate is a stepped surface slightly miscut from the (100) orientation. All adsorbates cause a switch of the easy axis by $90^{\circ}$ within the plane. The key role of this switching phenomenon is played by the atoms at the step sites and their influence on the magnetic surface anisotropy.

By: W. Weber, C. H. Back (ETH, Zurich, Switz.) and R. Allenspach

Published in: Physical Review. B. Condensed Matter, volume 52, (no 20), pages 4400-3 in 1995

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