Event-Based Power Estimation

The increasing awareness of power consumption in computer systems focuses attention on the subject of measuring the actual power consumed at any given time. While performance measurement and monitoring is directly supported at the architecture level, and implemented in various software tools, power measurement and monitoring is lagging behind. A software-only power estimation capability could be useful for power management policies, power-aware code optimizations, and other power-related administrative tasks.

The system reported here uses a calibrated power model to get accurate power estimations, without any external devices, including the breakdown of power usage into major power-consuming blocks. Calibration is accomplished using multiple linear regression over a predefined dataset.

The power model allows the breakdown of the estimated power to the consumers associated with each event, thereby providing important insight regarding where power is spent in the application.

The estimation error of this model for a subset of the SPEC CPU2000 benchmark (the full integer suite, plus three of the FP suite) is less then 0.25% for overall energy consumption, and less then 2% for online power consumption.

By: Yaakov Yaari

Published in: H-0191 in 2003


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