Profiling and Tracing OpenMP Applications with POMP Based Monitoring Libraries

OpenMP is today’s de facto standard for shared memory parallel programming of scientific applications. However, application developers still face application performance problems when using OpenMP, which make it harder to achieve high performance on SMP systems. Moreover, these problems are difficult to detect without the help of performance tools. To this end, we implemented DPOMP, an instrumentation infrastructure based on binary modification for the performance monitoring interface for OpenMP (POMP). In this paper we present two POMP compliant libraries: POMPROF and the KOJAK POMP library, which provide respectively the functionality for profiling and tracing OpenMP applications. In addition, we exemplify the use of these libraries with performance measurement and visualization of the ASCI sPPM benchmark code.

By: Luiz DeRose, Bernd Mohr, Seetharami Seelam

Published in: RC23091 in 2004


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