Achieving Scalability and Throughput in a Publish/Subscribe System

We describe the Gryphon content-based publish/subscribe messaging system. The objective of Gryphon is to provide the capabilities of message oriented middleware systems in widely distributed and high-volume environments, i.e. distributed across countries or continents, with tens of thousands of messaging clients and with tens of thousands of messages being delivered across the system each second. We introduce the essential design concepts of Gryphon, with particular emphasis on the decisions that led to high throughput and scalability. We present performance benchmarks that demonstrate the effectiveness of these decisions.

By: Mark Astley, Joshua Auerbach, Sumeer Bhola, Gerard Buttner, Marc Kaplan, Kevan Miller, Robert Saccone, Jr., Robert Strom, Daniel C. Sturman, Michael J. Ward, Yuanyuan Zhao

Published in: RC23103 in 2004


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