A Middleware Framework for Mashing Device and Telecom Features with the Web

Evolution of Web browser functionality on mobile devices is the driving force for ‘mobile mashups’, whereby content rendered on a device is amalgamated from multiple Web sources. From richness perspective, such mashups can be enhanced to incorporate features that are unique to a mobile setting - (1) native device features, such as location and calendar information, camera, Bluetooth, etc. available on a smart mobile platform, and (2) core Telecom network functionality, such as SMS and Third Party Call Control, exposed as services in a converged IP/Web network setup. Although numerous techniques exist in the Web domain for creating mashups, these are insufficient to utilize a three-dimensional setting present in the mobile domain - comprising of the Web, native device features and Telecom services. In this paper, we first establish that middleware support is required for this purpose, both on the server side dealing with processing and integration of content, as well as on the device side dealing with rendering, device integration, Web service invocation, and execution. Moreover, we characterize how various components in this middleware ensure portability and adaptation of mashups across different devices. Based on our approach, we implement a mobile mashup framework for three popular platforms - iPhone, Android and Nokia S60, and evaluate it against several software engineering principles and performance metrics.

By: Vikas Agarwal, Sunil Goyal, Sumit Mittal and Sougata Mukherjea

Published in: RI10009 in 2010


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