Data Integration and Composite Business Services, Part 3: Building a Multi-Tenant Tier with Access Control and Security

This article explores how the capabilities of DB2 address the issues of data architecture and data security in a Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. The primary concern of a SaaS service consumer is data security. The primary concern for a SaaS service provider is a data architecture that provides cost effective data administration and maintenance while addressing the service consumer’s concern at the same time.

DB2 Viper provides XML storage capabilities that simplify the configurability and extensibility of the data. DB2 Viper also provides row level security authorization. DB2 v8 and higher provides partitioning and backup technologies that address scalability and maintenance concerns. In this article, we will show how these DB2 features can be exploited to build a multi-tenant data architecture. This data architecture will address the primary concerns of both SaaS service consumers and service providers.

By: Chang Jie Guo; Mary Taylor

Published in: RC24426 in 2007


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