A Standards-Based Communication Subsystem for Health Care Applications

This extended abstract describes the architecture and implementation of a distribured communication subsystem that allows the exchange of character-based information between autonomous, heterogeneous computer systems. It uses the messages standardized by the North-American Health Level Seven (HL7) group in the HL7 transfer syntax and those messages standardized in CEN TC251 WG3 based on EDIFACT as a transfer syntax. As our system can deal with both transfer syntaxes, we have named it the Health Level Seven/EDIFACT Communication Subsystem (HECS).

By: Andrew Hutchison, Matthias Kaiserswerth, Michael Moser and Andreas Schade

Published in: Yearbook of Medical Informatics '96, International Medical Informatics Association ed. by J.H. van Bemmel and A.T. McCray. , Geneva, International Medical Informatics Association in 1995

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