Expanding the Reach of the Digital Camera

Digital cameras, first introduced to consumers in the late 1980s, have now become very affordable and are on the verge of outselling film cameras. 53 million digital cameras are expected to be sold in 2004. Many of these are integrated into cell phones. Some cars have started to include front and rear view cameras. Though digital cameras can hold a very large collection of high resolution images and have short and long range communication capabilities in the foreseeable future, some aspects such as their small display size and restricted input/output devices limit the potential value of such image collections. We explore how the value of these cameras can be increased by forming symbiotic relationships with larger displays and other devices. We present some challenges that need to be solved on the way and how digital cameras may evolve to support such relationships.

By: Chandra Narayanaswami; M. T. Raghunath

Published in: RC23400 in 2004


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