Parallel Fiber Optical Bus Technology - A Cost Performance Breakthrough

Recent paradigm shifts in computing system design and in datacommunications switching center design are driving the need for high performance interframe interconnections. Performance requirements are for data rates of GigaBytes/sec over distances of tens to a few hundred meters. An essential requirement for optical implementations to be used is to be cost competitive to copper wire data interconnects. Recent breakthroughs in high wafer yield of complex OIECs, the adaptation of IC module packing to optical devices and designing for relaxed tolerance in assembly is making possible the potential of offering GigaByte/sec data buses at a cost well below $100 / Gbit/sec, a factor of 10-100 times lower than telecommunications fiber optic link technology. IBM's involvement in the NIST-sponsored Jitney project and the ARPA=sponsored OETC project (both multicompany programs) will be used to illustrate the technology developments.

By: John Crow

Published in: Proceedings of European Conference on Optical Communications. , unknown, vol.1-6, p.B47 in 1996

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