IBM Mega Traffic Simulator

IBM Mega Traffic Simulator (Megaffic) is an agent-based simulator of traffic flows with two unique features. First, Megaffic can build its model of simulation by directly estimating some of the parameters of the model from probe-car data. This capability is in contrast to existing agent-based simulators of traffic flows, where the values of their parameters are calibrated with iterative simulation. Second, Megaffic can run on massively parallel computers and simulate the microscopic traffic flows in the scale of an arbitrary city in the world or even the whole Japan. This manuscript gives an overview of the design and capability of Megaffic.

By: T. Osogami, T. Imamichi, H. Mizuta, T. Morimura, R. Raymond, T. Suzumura, R. Takahashi, T. Ide

Published in: in 2013


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