Basic Results on the Semantics of Accellera PSL 1.1. Foundation Language

A number of technical consequences of the formal definitions of the semantics of Accellera PSL 1.1 Foundation Language are proved. These include direct characterizations of the semantics of derived LTL operators, duality of until operators, and the semantic correspondences that underly the clock rewrite rules given in Appendix B of the Accellera PSL 1.1 Language Reference Manual. The Prefix/Extension Theorem of [4] is shown to hold for PSL 1.1 Foundation Language. Results concerning the weak and strong promotions of boolean expressions and of Sequential Extended Regular Expressions to formulas are also proved. This work has supported the analysis and review of the formal semantics of PSL 1.1 Foundation Language and the effort to achieve semantic alignment between Accellera SystemVerilog 3.1 Assertions and PSL 1.1 Foundation Language.

By: John Havlicek, Dana Fisman, Cindy Eisner

Published in: H-0223 in 2004


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