Enhancing multi-threaded sparse matrix multiplication for knowledge graph oriented algorithms and analytics

Graph algorithms can be implemented as a sequence of basiclinear algebraic operations (BLAS) on a sparse adjacency matrix.Analytics, e.g. centralities, are computed fast through stochasticapproaches employing a few SPMM operations. Edgetraversals is an important operation for knowledge discovery,which can be implemented as a sequence of (SPMV) operations.Both, SPMV and SPMM, are notorious for being memorybound, cache demanding operations, and difficult to parallelize;(SPMM) suffering the least in terms of operations per byte. When the graph structure is fully known at runtime we canaddress in an off-line manner, memory overhead, and cachemiss ratio by respectively using a smaller type for indexes,and a cache friendly sorting to reduce cache misses on thedense input vector. Parallelism is achieved by blocking thematrix. This work is the core of our HPC Knowledge Graph(HPC-KG) employed in production settings; among first suchimplementations.

By: Leonidas Georgopoulos, Aleksandros Sobczyk, Dimitrios Christofidellis, Michele Dolfi, Christoph Auer, Peter W J Staar, Costas Bekas

Published in: RZ3953 in 2019


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