Copper-Gate Process for High Information Control a-Si TFT-LCDs

        For high information content displays, lower resistivity gate metals and improved processes are needed. A six mask copper gate process has been used to fabricate 10.5 SXGA (1280x1024) active-matrix liquid crystal displays (AM-LCDs). The resulting displays have 150 dpi color resolution, an aperture ratio of over 35%, and paper-like image quality. The implementation of a copper gate metal process enables an increased information content, an increased diagonal, or a reduced gate line thickness.

By: E. G. Colgan, P. M. Fryer, E. Galligan, W. Graham, R. Horton, D. Hunt, L. Jenkins, R. John, P. Koke, Y. Kuo, K. Latzko, F. Libsch, A. Lien, I. Lovas, R. Nywening, R. Polastre, M. E. Rothwell, J. Wilson, R. Wisnieff and S. L. Wright

Published in: RC20545 in 1996

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