Potential Imaging of Si/HfO2/poly-Si Gate Stacks: Evidence for an Oxide Dipole (title in journal: Potential Imaging of Si/HfO2/Polycrystalline Silicon Gate Stacks: Evidence for an Oxide Dipole)

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Surface potential profiles of the junction area of a cleaved n-Si/HfO2/p+-poly-Si gate stack reveal a dipole potential in the oxide, hole trapping at the HfO2/poly-Si interface, with the Fermi level ~0.4 eV below the Si conduction band edge and enhanced and inhomogeneous hole depletion in the p+-poly-Si. The dipole accounts for band bending reduction in the n-Si and is consistent with flat voltage shifts reported for similar gate stacks.

By: R. Ludeke; V. Narayanan; E. P. Gusev; E. Cartier; S. J. Chey

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 86, (no 12), pages Art. no. 122901 in 2005


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