Online Analytical Processing of Text Data

Although there are the recent visible demands for structured/unstructured information integration and advanced analytics, conventional database technology has not been able to present a robus and practical implementation of a truly integrated architecture for such purposes. After working on several industrial applications (in particular, in the healthcare and life sciences area), we have identified fundamental issues and technical approaches to tackle the issues. In this paper, we propose a data representations and algebraic operations for integrating semantic information (e.g., ontologies) into OLAP systems, which allow us to analyze a huge set of textual documents with their underlying semantic information. The proposed method is implemented with a persistent store using preorders and postorders in a hierarchy. The performance has been evaluated using real world datasets, and the high scalability and flexibility of our approach have been confirmed with respect to the computation time.

By: Akihiro Inokuchi, Koichi Takeda

Published in: RT0703 in 2007


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