Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal and Nitride Thin films: Current Research Efforts and Applications for Semiconductor Device Processing

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Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has been studied for several decades now, but the interest in ALD of thin metal/nitrides films has increased only recently. This is driven by the need for highly conformal nano-scale thin films in modern semiconductor device manufacturing technology. ALD is a very promising deposition technique with the ability to produce thin films with excellent conformality and compositional control with atomic scale dimensions. However, the application of ALD to metals and nitrides in real semiconductor device processes requires a deeper understanding about the underlying deposition process as well as the physical and electrical properties of the deposited films. This paper reviews the current research efforts in ALD for metal and nitride films as well as their applications in modern semiconductor device fabrication.

By: Hyungjun Kim

Published in: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, volume 21, (no 6), pages 2231-61 in 2003


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