Client/Server End-to-End Response Time: Real Life Experience

        This paper deals with the use of End-to-End Response Time (ETE RT) information in a production client/server application. The paper desceives the instrumentation of the application, the introduction of ETE RT into the production environment, the business requirements for which the ETE RT information is used and the current state of the evolving methodology for use of ETE RT information. The main impression from user experience is that ETE RT is a powerful business rool in a corporate environment. ETE RT data drives configuration updates and software improvements. It is discussed almost daily at operations management meetings. Although the data is technical (and contains a wealth of information) it relates well to terms that end users and executives understand. The ETE RT facility was accepted and adopted very naturally by the corporation.

By: Mark Maccabee

Published in: RC20483 in 1996

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