SPL: An Extensible Language for Distributed Stream Processing

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Big data is revolutionizing how all sectors of our economy do business, including telco, transportation, medical, and finance. Big data comes in two flavors: data at rest and data in motion. Processing data in motion is stream processing. Stream processing for big data analytics often requires scale that can only be delivered by a distributed system, exploiting parallelism on many hosts and many cores. To address this need, IBM built InfoSphereR Streams, a distributed stream processing platform. Early customer experience with Streams uncovered that another core requirement is extensibility, since customers want to build high-performance domain-specific operators for use in their streaming applications. Based on these two core requirements of distribution and extensibility, we designed and implemented a stream processing language called SPL. This paper describes SPL with an emphasis on the language design, distributed runtime, and extensibility mechanism. SPL is now the gateway for the Streams platform, used by our internal (research) and external (industry) customers for stream processing in a broad range of application domains.

By: Martin Hirzel, Scott Schneider, Bugra Gedik

Published in: ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems , volume 39, (no 1), pages 10.1145/3039207 in 2017


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