Parallelization of XPath Queries using Multi-Core Processors: Challenges and Experiences

In this study, we present experiences of parallelizing XPath queries using the Xalan XPath engine on shared-address space multi-core systems. For our evaluation, we consider a scenario where an XPath processor uses multiple threads to concurrently navigate and execute individual XPath queries on a shared XML document. Given the constraints of the XML execution and data models, we propose three strategies for parallelizing individual XPath queries: Data partitioning, Query partitioning, and Hybrid (query and data) partitioning. We experimentally evaluated these strategies on an x86/Linux multicore system using a set of XPath queries, invoked on a variety of XML documents using the Xalan XPath APIs. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed parallelization strategies work very effectively in practice; for a majority of XPath queries under evaluation, the execution performance scaled linearly as the number of threads was increased. Results also revealed the pros and cons of the different parallelization strategies for different XPath query patterns.

By: Rajesh Bordawekar; Lipyeow Lim; Oded Shmueli

Published in: RC24659 in 2008


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