Electrical Characteristics of High-Performance Pin-in-Socket and Pad-on-Pad Connectors

        Two types of high-performance, high-density connectors, pin-in-socket and pad-on-pad, are investigated for providing many hundreds of signal contacts in large-panel, card-to-board applications. The two examples were selected as top-of-the-line contenders for mechanically robust interconnections that can be used for transmitting 500 Mb/s and even 1 Gb/s data-rate signals, and with comparable cost. While the pinned connector offers a proven technology, the newly introduced pad-on-pad conector can provide at least 1.5 times higher number of signal contacts and lower crosstalk. Experimental characterization of signal integrity, connector delay, impedance discontinuity, crosstalk, and maximum current capability, is performed for both connectors in order to compare their relative performance.

By: A. Deutsch, C. W. Surovic, J. S. Campbell (IBM Endicott), P. W. Coteus, A. P. Lanzetta, J. T. Holton (IBM Endicott) and A. D. Knight (IBM Endicott)

Published in: RC20491 in 1996

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