A 6-bit, 1.6-GSample/s CMOS Flash Converter for Multi-Gigabit Wireless Communication

A 150-mW, 6-bit, 1.6-gigasample/second (GS/s) flash converter in 0.13-um CMOS technology is described. The analog section uses an input track-and-hold and comparator preamps with resistive output averaging for > 5.5 ENOB un-calibrated performance up to 1.6-GS/s with DC input. The digital section, designed using standard cells, contains a one to four deserializer, bubble error correction circuit, on-chip storage of thermometer data and 128 6-bit binary samples for off-chip FFT computation. A three wire serial interface is used to configure the part and read data stored on-chip. A 6-bit 16 to 1 decimated output is also provided for spectral study.

By: Mohit Kapur; Vincent W. Leung; Scott K. Reynolds; Daniel M. Kuchta; Christian W. Baks

Published in: RC23933 in 2006


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