An Event Framework for CORBA-Based Monitoring and Management Systems

The focus of this paper is to describe an extensible framework for event class descriptions to be used in CORBA-based monitoring and management systems. The existence of a single root class from which all other event classes must be derived provides a common transfer format and thus promotes deploying typed event channels for the transfer of monitoring data. The introduction of this framework into a management architecture based on the CORBA interoperability platform as decribed in by means of a meta object maintaining the event class information is illustrated. A specification language for event expressions derived from GEM is presented and it is discussed as to how both the processing of these event expressions and the process of event generalization is simplified.

By: Andreas Schade

Published in: Open Distributed Processing and Distributed Platforms, ed. by J. Rolia, J. Slonim, J. Botsford. , IFIP, p.210-23 in 1997

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