Complexity Evaluation of Web Service Interfaces for End Users

Providing simple interfaces which can be easily handled by
people who have neither programming skills nor deep understanding
about VVeb service is a key factor in releasing VVeb services to end users
as well as developers. This paper describes an algorithm to evaluate the
usabmty of VVeb services by evaluating the complexity of the structures
that are provided as the input of the VVeb service methods. The proposed
algorithm is quite simple, because the outputs of the algorithm can be
written as a scalar value which can be calculated by reading and analyz-
ing the VVSDL (VVeb Services Dennition Language)nle on a VVeb service
The usabmty of the methods which are denned in some VVeb services that
can be accessed through the lnternet were analyzed with the algorithm
proposed in this paper. The evaluation results of the proposed algorithm
are discussed fTom some perspectives such as the number of methods, the
average complexity of each VVeb service, and the complexity comparison
between the VVeb services which has the similar functionality. This algo-
rithm wm also encourage end users to adopt the SOA (Service-Oriented
Architecture)by combining VVeb services with simple interfaces in the
distributed environment.

By: Takayuki Yamaizumi, Takashi Sakairi, Masaki Wakao, Hideaki Shinomi

Published in: RT0628 in 2007


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