Low-cost, High Efficiency Solar Cells on Scrapped CMOS Silicon

Silicon wafers scrapped from CMOS production lines were used in this work. The low cost of these wafers make them attractive for photovoltaic applications. However, only modest conversion efficiencies (< 9 %) are obtained from solar cells fabricated on scrapped wafers, primarily due to their very low recombination minority carrier lifetimes (usually < 1 μs). This paper shows that x400 improvement in lifetime of scrapped Si can be achieved via high temperature annealing. The efficiency of cells fabricated on HTA scrapped wafers showed a pronounced improvement to ~ 15%.

By: Joel P. de Souza; Daniel Inns; Katherine L. Saenger; Harold J. Hovel; Devendra Sadana

Published in: RC24941 in 2010


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