Distributed Multimedia Service Composition with Statistical QoS Assurances

Service composition allows future multimedia services to be automatically composed from atomic service components based on user’s dynamic service requirements. Previous work falls short for distributed multimedia service composition in terms of scalability, flexibility and quality-of-service (QoS) provisioning. In this paper, we present a fully decentralized service composition framework, called SpiderNet, to address the challenges. SpiderNet provides statistical multi-constrained QoS assurances and load balancing for service composition. SpiderNet supports directed acyclic graph composition topologies and exchangeable composition orders. We have implemented a prototype of SpiderNet and conducted experiments in both wide-area networks and simulation testbed. Our experimental results show the feasibility and efficiency of the SpiderNet service composition framework.

By: Xiahui Gu; Klara Nahrstedt

Published in: RC23473 in 2004


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