Problem Determination Using Dependency Graphs and Run-time Behavior Models

Key challenges in managing an I/T environment for e-business lie in the area of root cause analysis, proactive problem prediction, and automated problem remediation. Our approach, as reported in this paper, utilizes two important concepts: dependency graphs and dynamic runtime performance characteristics of resources that comprise an I/T environment. We show the application of these concepts to the design of algorithms for rapid root cause identification for problem determination. In the event of a reported problem, our approach uses the dependency information and the behavior models to narrow down the root cause to a small set of resources that can be individually tested, thus facilitating quick remediation and, hence, leading to reduced administrative costs.

By: Manoj K Agarwal; Karen Appleby; Manish Gupta; Gautam Kar; Anindya Neogi; Anca Sailer

Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 3278, (no ), pages 171-82 in 2004

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