Celadon: Delivering Business Services to Mobile Users in Public Spaces

This paper describes the concepts, architecture and implementation of the Celadon framework for zone-based services: informational and transactional services offered by businesses to mobile users in public spaces. Celadon is designed to foster an overall ecosystem that addresses the requirements of both the mobile user and the business owner. This is accomplished through an extensible architecture which supports the mobile user through device and context management components, and supports the business owner through classification and reasoning, business process management and interaction management components. The Celadon framework brokers and manages interactions between mobile users and zone-based services which make use of combinations of mobile and facility devices. These interactions take into account preferences provided by the mobile users and policies and processes specified by the business. Celadon enables novel applications that leverage emerging technologies such as REST, data mash-ups, ontologies, and business process modeling. Celadon is currently being used to support pilot implementations of several services in a metropolitan-scale zone based services environment for an experimental “Ubiquitous City” in Korea (the Incheon Free Economic Zone - IFEZ).

By: S. McFaddin, D. Coffman, J. H. Han, H. K. Jang, J. H. Kim, J. K. Lee, M. C. Lee, Y. S. Moon, C. Narayanaswami, Y. S. Paik, J. W. Park, D. Soroker

Published in: RC24381 in 2007


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