Universal Tunneling Behavior in Technologically Relevant PN Junction Diodes

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Band-to-band tunneling was studied in ion-implanted PN junction diodes with profiles representative of present and future silicon CMOS transistors. Measurements were done over a wide range of temperatures and implant parameters. Profile parameters were derived from analysis of CV characteristics, and compared to SIMS analysis. When tunneling current was plotted against effective tunneling distance (tunneling distance corrected for band curvature) a quasi-universal exponential reduction of tunneling current vs., tunneling distance was found with an attenuation length of 0.38nm, corresponding to a tunneling effective mass of 0.29m0, and an extrapolated tunneling current at zero tunnel distance of 5.3x107 A/cm2 at 300K. These results are directly applicable for predicting drain to substrate currents in CMOS transistors on bulk silicon, and body currents in CMOS transistors in silicon-on-insulator.

By: Paul M. Solomon, Jason Jopling, David J. Frank, Chris D'Emic, O. Dokumaci, P. Ronsheim, W. E. Haensch

Published in: Journal of Applied Physics, volume 95, (no 10), pages 5800-12 in 2004


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