Service Interaction Networks: Simulation and Applications

Service Interaction Networks [7] are abstractions used in modeling and analyzing people-
centric aspects of service delivery. They pose interesting challenges from modeling, algorithmic
and knowledge mining viewpoints. Typically, the data needed for the construction of service
interaction networks is sensitive in nature and organizations may not readily share the data.
Therefore, it is imperative that we build realistic simulations of service interaction networks so
as to enable not only the development of novel analyses, but also to validate their applicability.
Lack of benchmark datasets to compare against poses challnges in validating simulations. We
present a simulation tool designed to take into account the people-centric effects of service
delivery and an interesting approach to validate it. We hightlight some novel analyses of service
interaction networks that require new modeling and algorithmic insights.

By: Kashyap Dixit, S Kameshwaran, Sameep Mehta, Vinayaka Pandit, N Viswanadham

Published in: RI09006 in 2009


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