Optimization of Launch Conditions in 10 Gb/s Links Using Next Generation Multimode Fibers

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In this letter we explore the optimization of the ISI penalty and its correlation with various transmitter and fiber parameters characterizing 10 Gb/s 300m long LAN links using 50 µm next generation multimode fibers. The analysis of a large statistical sample suggests that the range of optimal values for the laser encircled flux is 12-16 µm, the lateral offset of the source 10-18µm and the axial offset -60 to +60 µm. The optimization of the launch conditions may reduce the ISI Penalty by as much as 0.7 dB. The axial offset between the laser and the fiber axes has detrimental effects on the performance of the link if the launch conditions are not optimized.

By: Aleksandar Risteski, Petar Pepeljugoski

Published in: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, volume 16, (no 5), pages 1394-6 in 2004


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