Nanometers, Picowatts, Femtojoules: Thermal Analysis and Optical Spectroscopy Using Micromechanics

We describe recent experiments and future applications of micromechanical sensors for physical and chemical analysis of samples down to the nanogram and picoliter range. Examples of micromechanical devices to perform optical absorption spectra, calorimetric and thermal analysis, electrochemical stressograms, gas phase adsorption, and surface reaction monitors are shown. These micron-sized, silicon-based sensors are ideal for seamless integration with CMOS devices operating in arrays for process control. Owing to their low cost, these sensors are disposable. The devices operate in vacuum, gas, and liquid environments with high speed and sensitivity, making them suitable for operation in a uTAS system.

By: R. Berger (Univ. of Basel, Switz.), Ch. Gerber and J. K. Gimzewski

Published in: Journal of Analytical Methods and Instruments, volume , (no ), pages 74-7 in 1996

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