Reconstruction of gridded model data received via NOAAport

Our on-going work focuses on systems for and applications of operational mesoscale numerical weather prediction. In particular, our goal is to provide weather forecasts at a level of precision and fast enough to address specific weather-sensitive operations. Hence, we are addressing problems of high-performance computing, visualization, and automation while designing, evaluating and optimizing an integrated system that includes receiving and processing data, modelling, and post-processing analysis and dissemination (Treinish and Praino, 2004).

In addition to considering both business and meteorological value of such mesoscale models in a number of application areas, we are also addressing whether a practical and usable system can be implemented at reasonable cost? To begin to answer these questions, a prototype system, dubbed "Deep Thunder", has been implemented for several metropolitan areas (initially, New York City, followed more recently by Chicago, Kansas City and Baltimore/Washington) with nested forecasts to 1 or 2 km resolution.

By: Lloyd A. Treinish; Anthony P. Praino; Craig Tashman

Published in: RC23406 in 2004


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