Before-Commit Client State Management Services for AJAX Applications

Heavily script-based browser applications change the manner in which users interact with web browsers. Instead of downloading a succession of HTML pages, users download a single application and use that application for a long period of time. The application is not a set of HTML pages, but rather a single page that can possible modify its own presentation based on data exchanged with a server. In such an environment, it is necessary to provide some means for the client to manage its own state. We describe the initial results of our work in providing client-side state management services for these script-based applications. We focus mostly on services that can help the user before any data is committed on the server. Our services include state checkpointing, property binding, operation logging, operational replay, ATOM/RSS data updates, and application-controlled persistence.

By: Paul Castro; Frederique Giraud; Ravi Konuru; John Ponzo; Jerome White

Published in: RC24033 in 2006


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