First Explorations towards Semantic Wiki

This position paper explores the novel design space for semantic wikis at the intersection of semantic markup and collaborative website editing. It explains how semantic wikis can help in bootstrapping the Semantic Web by injecting initial information, provided that they keep the simple user experience from conventional state-of-the-art wiki systems intact. It sketches a semantic wiki syntax M3, which accounts for three major design criteria: (1) ease-of-use comparable to conventional wiki syntax; (2) full semantic expressiveness on the same level as canonical RDF notations; (3) extensibility for accommodating important ontologies with pluggable shorthand notations. The paper concludes with a conceptual design for a semantic wiki as extension to an existing open source wiki engine.

By: Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Marcel Graf, Christian Hoertnagl

Published in: RZ3654 in 2006


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