GreenCloud: A New Architecture for Green Data Center

Nowadays, power consumption of data centers has huge impacts on environments. Researchers are seeking to find effective solutions to make data centers reduce power consumption while keep the desired quality of service or service level objectives. Virtual Machine (VM) technology has been widely applied in data center environments due to its seminal features, including reliability, flexibility, and the ease of management. We present the GreenCloud architecture, which aims to reduce data center power consumption, while guarantee the performance from users’ perspective. GreenCloud architecture enables comprehensive online-monitoring, live virtual machine migration, and VM placement optimization. To verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed architecture, we take an online real-time game, Tremulous, as a VM application. Evaluation results show that we can save up to 27% of the energy when applying GreenCloud architecture.

By: Liang Liu; Hao Wang; Xue Liu; Xing Jin; WenBo He; QingBo Wang; Ying Chen

Published in: RC24844 in 2009


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