Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Individual Molecules: Beyond Imaging

We discuss several concepts of handling molecule-adsorbent and hetero-molecular structures on an individual molecular basis. Molecular recognition using scanning tunneling microscopy underpins the fundamental progress made. `Beyond imaging' implies repositioning, patterning, and exploring the functionality of individual molecules. Using porphyrin and fullerene-based systems, we discuss issues such as conformational analysis, supramolecular systems, patterning, and the fabrication of a molecular adding machine. These examples form the beginnings of a bottom-up approach to fabrication and `sciengineering' from a molecule-by-molecule perspective.

By: J. K. Gimzewski, T. A. Jung, M. T. Cuberes and R. R. Schlittler

Published in: Surface Science, volume 386, (no ), pages 101-14 in 1997

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