A Six Mask TFT/LCD Process Using Copper Gate Metallurgy

        A novel reduced mask process is used to fabricate high resolution, high aperture ratio 10.5 SXGA (1280x1024) displays. The process uses copper gate metallurgy with redundancy, without the need for extra processing steps. The resulting displays have 150 dpi color resolution, an aperture ratio of over 35%, and excellent image quality, making them the first high resolution displays that are suitable for notebook applications.

By: Peter M. Fryer, E. Colgan, E. Galligan, W. Graham, R. Horton, D. Hunt, L. Jenkins, R. John, P. Koke, Y. Kuo, K. Latzko, F. Libsch, A. Lien, R. Nywening, R. Polastre, M. E. Rothwell, J. Wilson, R. Wisnieff and S. Wright

Published in: RC20594 in 1996

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