A Unified Test Framework to Support the Continuous Integration Testing of SOA Solutions

The quality of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions is becoming more and more important along with the wide adoption of SOA. Continuous Integration Testing (CIT) is an effective technology to discover bugs as early as possible. However, the diversity of programming models used in an SOA solution and the distribution nature of an SOA solution pose new challenges for CIT. Existing testing frameworks could only be applied to specific programming models and mostly focus on stand-alone applications. In this paper, by overcoming these limitations, a unified test framework is proposed to enable the continuous integration testing for SOA solutions across the whole development lifecycle.

In this framework, the information of an executable test case is separated into two layers: the behavior layer and the configuration layer. The first layer represents the behavior logic of a test case and is platform independent. The second layer contains the platform specific information and is configurable for different program artifacts. An extensible and pluggable test execution engine is proposed to execute the integration test cases. A global test case identifier instrumentation approach is used to merge the distributed test case execution traces captured by Tivoli ITCAM. A verification approach supporting Boolean expression and back-end service interaction verification is proposed to verify the test execution result. Initial experiments have showed the effectiveness of this unified test framework.

By: Liu Hehui, Li Zhongjie, Zhu Jun, Tan Huafang, Huang Heyuan

Published in: th IEEE International Conference on Web Services, USA, p.880-7 in 2009

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