A Survey of Uncertain Data Algorithms and Applications

In recent years, a number of indirect data collection methodologies have lead to the proliferation of uncertain data. Such data points are often represented in the form of a probabilistic function, since the corresponding deterministic value is not known. This increases the challenge of mining and managing uncertain data, since the precise behavior of the underlying data is no longer known. In this paper, we provide a survey of uncertain data mining and management applications. In the field of uncertain data management, we will examine traditional methods such as join processing, query processing, selectivity estimation, OLAP queries, and indexing. In the field of uncertain data mining, we will examine traditional mining problems such as classification and clustering. We will also examine a general transform based technique for mining uncertain data. We discuss the models for uncertain data, and how they can be leveraged in a variety of applications. We discuss different methodologies to process and mine uncertain data in a variety of forms.

By: Charu C. Aggarwal; Philip S. Yu

Published in: RC24394 in 2007


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