120Gb/s VCSEL based Parallel Optical Transmitter and Custom 120Gb/s Testing Station

A 120Gb/s parallel optical transmitter using 850nm VCSELs for 12-fiber ribbon (12 channels x 10Gb/s/ch) is described and experimentally verified. All channels run simultaneously, driven a custom-built low cost 120Gb/s test station. Open eyes are obtained at 300m and error free operation with margin is confirmed. A 2.3dB penalty is observed for simultaneous transmission compared to single channel operation. The transmitter consumes 1.3W and occupies the same volume as existing 40Gbps modules.

By: Daniel M. Kuchta, Young Kwark, Christian Schuster, Christian W. Baks, Charles L. Haymes, Jeremy D. Schaub, Petar K. Pepeljugoski, Jack Jewell, Luke Graham, Daniel Kucharski

Published in: RC22752 in 2003


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