Resequencing Worst-Case Analysis for Parallel Buffered Packet Switches

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This paper considers a general parallel buffered packet switch (PBPS) architecture which is based on multiple packet switches operating independently and in parallel. A load-balancing mechanism is used at each input to distribute the traffic to the parallel switches. The buffer structure of each of the parallel packet switches is based on either a dedicated, a shared, or a buffered-crosspoint output-queued architecture. As in such PBPS multipath switches packets may get out of order when they travel independently in parallel through these switches, a resequencing mechanism is necessary at the output side. This paper addresses the issue of evaluating the minimum resequence-queue size required for a deadlock-free lossless operation. An analytical method is presented for the exact evaluation of the worst-case resequencing delay and the worst-case resequence-queue size. The results obtained reveal their relation, and demonstrate the impact of the various system parameters on resequencing.

By: Ilias Iliadis and Wolfgang E. Denzel

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Communications, volume 55, (no 3), pages 605 in 2007


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