FastPlace 3.0: A Fast Multilevel Quadratic Placement Algorithm with Placement Congestion Control

In this paper, we present FastPlace 3.0 – an efficient and scalable multilevel quadratic placement algorithm for large-scale mixed-size designs. The main contributions of our work are: (1) A multilevel global placement framework, by incorporating a two-level clustering scheme within the flat analytical placer FastPlace [26, 27]. (2) An efficient and improved Iterative Local Refinement technique that can handle placement blockages as well as placement congestion constraints. (3) A placement congestion aware standard-cell legalization technique in the presence of placement blockages.

On the ISPD-2005 placement benchmarks [19], our algorithm is 14.9X and 4.4X faster than state-of-the-art academic placers APlace2.0 and mPL6 respectively. In terms of wirelength, we are on average, 3% better than APlace 2.0 and 4% higher as compared to mPL6. We also achieve competitive results compared to a number of academic placers on the placement congestion constrained ISPD-2006 placement benchmarks [20].

By: Natarajan Viswanathan, Min Pan, Chris Chu

Published in: RC24001 in 2006


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