Video Analysis and Compression on the STI CELL Broadband Engine Processor

With increased concern for physical security, video surveillance is becoming an important business area. Similar camera-based system can also be used in such diverse applications as retail-store shopper motion analysis and casino behavioral policy monitoring. There are two aspects of video surveillance that require significant computing power: image analysis for detecting objects, and video compression for digital storage. The new STI CELL Broadband Engine (CBE) processor is an appealing platform for such applications because it incorporates 8 separate high-speed processing cores with an aggregate performance of 256Gflops. Moreover, this chip is the heart of the new Sony Playstation 3 and can be expected to be relatively inexpensive due to the high volume of production. In this paper we show how object detection and compression can be implemented on the CBE, discuss the difficulties encountered in porting the code, and provide performance results demonstrating significant speed-up.

By: Lurng-Kuo Liu, Sreeni Kesavarapu, Jonathan Connell, Ashish Jagmohan, Lark-hoon Leem, Brent Paulovicks, Vadim Sheinin, Lijung Tang, Hangu Yeo

Published in: RC23884 in 2006


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