High-Speed Electrical Sampling Using Optical Second-Harmonic Generation

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We report the first application of optical second harmonic generation to the measurement of ultrafast electrical pulses. The technique relies on the sensitivity of the second-harmonic response to electric fields in centrosymmetric materials. Electrical pulses propagating on a silicon-based coplanar transmission line have been characterized with subpicosecond time resolution and 100 mV sensitivity. We have measured the bias dependence of the second harmonic intensity over a 20 volt range and use this data to calibrate the transient response. The observed response time (FWHM) of the SHG waveform is -1 ps, which is consistent with the value obtained from an electronic cross-correlation measurement. (Dept764)

By: Ajay Nahata (Columbia Univ.), Tony F. Heinz (Columbia Univ.) and James A. Misewich

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 69, (no 6), pages 746-68 in 1996

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