ABCS: Approximate Bayesian Compressed Sensing

In this work we present a new approximate Bayesian compressed sensing scheme. The new method is based on a unique type of sparseness-promoting prior, termed here semi-Gaussian owing to its Gaussian-like formulation. The semi-Gaussian prior facilitates the derivation of a closed-formrecursion for solving the noisy compressed sensing problem. As part of this, the discrepancy between the exact and the approximate posterior pdf is shown to be of the order of a quantity that is computed online by the new scheme. In the second part of this work, a random field-based classifier utilizing the approximate Bayesian CS scheme is shown to attain a zero error rate when applied to fMRI classification.

By: Avishy Carmy; Pini Gurfil; Dimitri Kanevsky; Bhuvana Ramabhadran

Published in: RC24816 in 2009


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