A Case for Recombinomics

In this report we present the results of the recombinational analysis based on our model IRiS. We investigate HapMap III database with 11 populations and over 1000 samples: we picked this testbed primarily due to the choice of SNPs in the database. In an effort to reduce the effects of compounding errors due to limitations of current technologies and techniques, we focus on the recombining X Chromosome. In our preliminary analysis, our results are two-fold. Firstly, we demonstrate the presence of recombinations-based evidence in short segments of the genome to detect subcontinental divide in the populations. We observe this in both populations-centered as well as recombinations-centered analysis. Secondly, we make the surprising observation that the effect of the population dynamics that shapes the allele-frequency variations between populations is also reflected in the purely recombination-based variations. We conclude that our recombinational-based exploration has the potential to go well beyond the known into non-traditional territories.

By: Laxmi Parida; Asif Javed; Marta Melé; Jaume Bertranpetit

Published in: RC24677 in 2008


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