Business Services as a Modeling Approach for Smart Business Networks

While Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) [1] have provided some important insights on how to design plug-and-play ecosystems of enterprises based on the interaction of information systems, Smart Business Networks [2] require a richer level of abstraction. Realizing the goals of standardization, specialization, modularity and openness in intra and inter-company operations through Smart Business Networks offers a new and very appealing perspective. As it was pointed out in [2], we need a systematic way to characterize Smart Business Networks in the form of suitable concepts and language. This paper introduces the concept of Business Service-based modeling of companies and related ecosystems as an approach for attaining these goals.

By: J. L. C. Sanz; N. Nayak; V. Becker

Published in: RJ10381 in 2006


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