An Authoring Technology for Multi-Device Web Applications

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Pervasive computing enables information and applications to be accessed anytime, anywhere, using any device. For a user to have a satisfying experience accessing a pervasive application using any device, the application developer must author the application to execute on multiple devices. In the past few years, there has been a proliferation of computing devices with a wide range of capabilities; these devices include PDAs, internet-capable phones, and consumer appliances. Creating and managing applications for this diversity of devices has become a significant challenge. For example, building an interactive web application that can be accessed by multiple browser-based devices usually means writing separate applications for each device. This is problematic, since the application developer must reflect any modification in several versions of the application.

By: G. Banavar, L. Bergman, R. Cardone, V. Chevalier, Y. Gaeremynck, F. Giraud, S. Hirose, M. Hori, F. Kitayama, G. Kondoh, A. Kundu, K. Ono, A. Schade, D. Soroker, K. Winz

Published in: IEEE Pervasive Computing, volume 3, (no 3), pages 83-93 in 2004


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