Automatic Model-Based Service Hosting Environment Migration

Efficient and effective migration of system services is critical to cope with intrinsic-changed nature of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). However, due to the large amount of configuration items, complicated mapping and complex dependency relationship among system services, migrating into a new Service Hosting Environment satisfying the operation requirement of SOA becomes an error-prone and time-consuming task. The SCM project in IBM develops a novel approach to migrate Service Hosting Environment shaped in Unixlike systems. Firstly, this approach builds a set of configuration models for various system services. Then based on models, it presents knowledge based mapping to translate system service configurations between Service Hosting Environments. Finally, it designs a dependency hierarchy deducting algorithm to compute the dependency relationship among system services for migration traceability and error determination. A SCM prototype has performed well on largely reducing time, labor and errors in real migration cases.

By: Liang Liu; Li Ying; Qian Ma; Ke Wei Sun; Ying Chen; Hao Wang

Published in: RC24437 in 2007


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